What’s Good About Visual Studio?

Visual Studio is an IDE or integrated development platform. It is produced and maintained by Microsoft, which uses several programs with it including Microsoft Silverlight. This IDE is a studio environment for developers making web applications, websites, computer programs, and more. They can run code inside the IDE as well as use it for debugging. This environment lets developers look at several types of development languages at once. Some of the supported languages are Python, Javascript, and C+. Visual Studio is actually written in C+ and C#.

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Benefits of Using Visual Studio

Visual Studio has several good qualities. One is that as a service, the software is free. This includes the basic version. Companies can get more advanced versions of Visual Studio for a fee, but anyone can start out with the basic version. Visual Studio operates on any platform, not just Mac and PC. It also has app support and advanced debugging. More importantly, Visual Studio is an Agile platform. This means several things, including that it supports daily meetings and that it makes review easy. Agile technology places an emphasis on designers and tech meeting frequently. One of the principle things about Visual Studio is that it enables this on a regular basis.


Visual Studio makes it easy to view and test apps often. One of the main issues with app releases is that they cannot be tested often enough prior to release. Visual Studio makes the process less expensive by supporting Git and keeping files compiled where designers and tech can both see them at the same time. Visual Studio has integrated support and lets people build in the cloud as well. With all of this, developers can release better-tested apps and programs earlier than ever.